Rit Varriale, Sr.

Mar 2016 - Dec 2018
New Beginnings
Sunday, 30 December 2018
Passage: Topical
Duration: 45 mins 46 secs
With a new year ahead of us, Pastor Rit takes a look at new beginnings in the Bible.
Character Study: Aquila and Priscilla
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Passage: Topical
Duration: 49 mins 41 secs
Aquila and Priscilla are mentioned in the Bible together 6 times. 3 times as Aquila and Priscilla and 3 times as Priscilla and Aquila. Pastor Rit shares on this beautiful example of how the Lord can use a married that has a heart to serve the Lord!
Character Study: Shunammite Woman
Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Duration: 59 mins 53 secs
Pastor Rit shares on the great faith of the Shunammite Woman.
Resurrection Sunday 2018
Sunday, 01 April 2018
Passage: Topical
Duration: 1 hr 14 mins 50 secs
The resurrection of Jesus Christ ... the event that changed everything! What does that mean for the Christian?
Palm Sunday 2018
Sunday, 25 March 2018
Palm Sunday - our Lord's "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalem. Pastor Rit explains it significance.
2018: Take Heed
Sunday, 31 December 2017
Duration: 1 hr 15 mins 17 secs
Pastor Rit shares that the "words" for 2018 are "take heed". He shares from Deuteronomy 4:1-24 and reminds us to "take heed" to the Commandments of God!
June 2017 Communion
Wednesday, 05 July 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 33 mins 25 secs
June 2017 Communion
Wednesday, 07 June 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 46 mins 5 secs
Palm Sunday 2017
Sunday, 09 April 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 41 mins 9 secs
Esther Overview
Sunday, 01 January 2017
Duration: 1 hr 21 mins 10 secs
With what has occurred in the past couple of weeks with the UN's ruling against Israel - Pastor Rit wonders if we will see God turn the tables on Israel's enemies like He did in Esther!